Great Beer

Isn't Magic

What's the difference between brewery-made beer and homebrew?


Knowing the Process.

Great beer isn't defined by rows of shiny fermenters, Edison bulbs, or closely-guarded recipes... it comes down to knowing what to do, when to do it, and why.

Hi... I'm Garrett Allen and I'm both a professional brewer AND a homebrew enthusiast... and I want to show you how to make great beer at home. The kind of beer that your friends get excited about when you bring it over (and not that cringe-worthy beer that your buddy brought over last time!).

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What’s included?


There's a reason that the best New England IPAs come from New England... and it has to do with the water. You can bring that water knowledge into your brewery and help you get the best out of every beer you make.


You will get recipe development knowledge and the NEIPA recipe everyone loves that I've spent over a year crafting and perfecting...


...and most importantly, the key processes for you to make it just as delicious at your house as it is in mine

Everyone loves the friend who brings beer.

Be the one who always brings great beer.